Digital Certified Translation

Digital Translation Certification: A Secure and Convenient Solution

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When it comes to  translating important and personal documents, such as birth certificates or financial reports, ensuring accuracy and security is paramount. At our translation service, we understand the significance of these documents and strive to provide our clients with the best possible service.

Secure Servers and Document Verification

To meet the unique  challenges posed by handwritten or hard-to-read documents, we utilize secure servers and offer clients the option to verify their translations. By providing this service, we aim to eliminate errors and offer our clients a convenient way to review their translations from the comfort of their homes.

Introducing Verified Translation with Digital Signature
Traditionally, certified translations were printed, certified, and sent by post, relying on mail carriers for timely delivery. However, this approach often led to unnecessary stress and potential risks for our clients. Lost or misdelivered mail can jeopardize the confidentiality of personal information. In light of these challenges, we have embraced a digital solution.

Efficient and Secure Digital Translation

Our new method of signing and certifying translated documents is through electronic means. This digital approach not only saves time and money but also enhances efficiency and security. Widely recognized and accepted, electronic signatures have become a legally sound process, even adopted by governments for signing documents.

Stringent Legal Authentication Process

We have undergone a rigorous legal authentication process to verify the identity of our company and the authorized individuals who sign and certify the documents. This ensures that our digital signature is legally valid and provides clients with peace of mind.

Embracing a Paperless Environment

With the transition to digital certification, we are proud to have become a paperless translation company. By reducing our reliance on paper, we aim to minimize our ecological footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

100% Guarantee of Originality

Our digital certification includes a QR code that recipients can scan to access the original document provided by TRANSLETA. In case of any doubts regarding the document’s authenticity, government entities or other parties can verify it online. With this approach, we offer a 100% guarantee of document originality, providing confidence and assurance to our clients.

In conclusion, our digital translation certification offers a secure, convenient, and environmentally friendly solution. By embracing digital signatures and eliminating the reliance on traditional mail systems, we ensure efficient delivery, enhanced security, and the utmost accuracy for our clients’ certified translations.

Have a Project on mind?

At TRANSLETA, our ultimate goal is to provide you with complete satisfaction. We prioritize accuracy, timeliness, and confidentiality to ensure your peace of mind. Join our growing list of happy customers and experience the benefits of our accurate translations, competitive prices, on-time delivery, and unwavering commitment to your privacy.

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