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Ensuring high translation quality is a paramount aspect of our work as it reflects our dedication to our clients and aligns with our own interests.  At TRANSLETA, we prioritize delivering nothing short of exceptional translation services.

To maintain our translation quality, we recognize our responsibilities to our clients, both from a legal and ethical standpoint. This entails upholding the standards necessary to ensure the highest level of translation quality, which has always been and will remain our primary focus.

So, how do we consistently uphold high translation quality? TRANSLETA adheres to international translation standards and approaches each project with utmost care and respect for our clients’ investment and efforts. We ensure that our translations meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

To guarantee translation quality, we employ the “translation, editing, proofreading” (TEP) workflow, which is widely accepted as the industry standard worldwide. This method involves two distinct steps and is considered the benchmark for translation practices. By having two linguists involved in each project, we acknowledge the importance of quality in our clients’ eyes.
Here are the steps we follow to ensure that the TEP method is upheld to the highest degree of accountability by our team:

1. Translation: The document is translated by a native speaker of the target language who possesses near-native proficiency in the source language. Our translators have complete competence in the specific field of the document.

2. Editing: Another professional translator meticulously edits the translation to ensure its accuracy, correctness, and faithfulness to the original document. No part of the original text is overlooked.

3. Proofreading: The second linguist not only proofreads the translation but also ensures its precision and adherence to the client’s specifications. This step guarantees that the content is crafted to meet the desired requirements.

4. Final review: Our Quality Analysis team conducts a comprehensive review of the final translation, addressing any identified issues and preparing the translation for delivery to the client. This includes desktop publishing (DTP) if required.

By leveraging the expertise of language professionals, we uphold the highest translation quality. Professional translators, editors, and quality checkers ensure accuracy and creativity, avoiding any trace of the translated nature of the text. In the case of extensive projects, we may introduce an additional step to ensure the ultimate quality: a thorough quality assessment (QA). Our goal is to produce a text that remains faithful to the source while sounding natural and idiomatic in the target language, free from any grammatical or punctuation errors.

Furthermore, it is essential to acknowledge that even the most skilled translation team requires effective project  management to yield optimal results. Our dedicated project managers guide the team, swiftly addressing any issues encountered along the way, and ensuring that the final outcome consistently meets the client’s requirements.

At TRANSLETA, we strive to provide translations of the highest quality by following stringent processes, employing expert linguists, utilizing quality assessment tools, and maintaining vigilant project management. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

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